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Josh Dunkle with an 80 lb Guntersville grass carp

My brother in law with a 40 lb grass carp

Chris Reeves with a Guntersville grass carp

Luke and Ryan Cagle with some grass carp

BAA President Ronnie Cannon with a Lake Wheeler Buffalo

Some Lake Wheeler monster grass carp

Mark Land with a Kentucky silver carp

Mark's daughter Ashley with a cownose ray from Florida

A nice Lousiana red fish from Mark Land

Ed Devries with a huge Florida ray!

Kevin Reed with one of the several billion Guntersville shad

Mike Cathey with a huge Guntersville grassie

Kevin Reed draws down from Jason Cathey's diamondback airboat

Barry Taplin with a nice gator gar!

Jerry Kozlansky and Mark Ellenberg with a big gator gar!

A huge Wisconsin carp!

Burt Tacotte shot this nice bighead on the Yazoo River in MS

Chris Reeves with the world record bighead carp from Guntersville Lake, 85 lbs.

Jason Evans with a LA gator gar

Jason Cathey with a Guntersville longnose gar

Mark Land with his world record drum from Guntersville AL

Pat Haefner with the Iowa state record shortnose gar!

A nice Texas gator gar!

Pat Haefner with a nice grass carp!

Charlie Ivy with another gator gar!

Pat Haefner and Jeff Howard after a good afternoon of bank fishing!

Cool shot of gator gar!

James Helton with some Truman Lake carp!

52 lb grassie and a 57 inch longnose

Mike Bommer with a 72 lb buffalo!

66 lb. buffalo!

A nice gar and buffalo

Another nice gator gar!

Some more nice gar!

Gator gar!

Mark Ellenberg with a nice Jack Crevelle

Jason Evans and Kevin Reed with a 77 lb Guntersville grass carp

Mike Bommer with a great gator gar!

Ricky Vincent, Roy Martos, and Josh with a bunch of fish from Lake Eufala, OK

Brandon Cork with a big Wheeler Lake grass carp

Jason Stanley with a huge Lake Degray drum!

Jason Stanley with a mess of fish from Lake Degray Arkansas

Jonathan Redding's boat in progress

Jonathan Redding with a nice bonnethead shark

Jonathan Redding with some flounder

Dan Richeson with a nice longnose gar!

Greg Root with a huge Michigan carp!

Scott Evans outshoots his dad Mark!

Jason Cathey and Whitney with her first monster Guntersville grass carp!

Jason Cathey and Jason Bruhl with the first trip on Guntesville for 06, wow!

Whitney and Shilo with the first fish of the night!

Jason and Whitney with the night's kill from Guntersville 06!

Chris Farris with a slow night on the Savannah River

Don Nelke's awesome rig!

Dusin Jewell with some nice fish from Lousianna!

Steve Kinard (Stripe) with a nice Guntersville carp!

Tim Mckeithan with a great longnose gar!

Awesome gator gar shot by Dale Schofield and Norman Cowart in the Nachess River

Another shot of that gator gar shot by Dale Schofield and Norman Cowart in the Nachess River

Wade Everton with record class carp

Dustin Jewell with a nice gator gar!

Erik Walser with an awesome mess of fish!

Gene Hobbs with a great gator gar!

David with another nice gator gar!

Lisa Dunkle with a monster shad!

Matt Walters and crew with a good pile of fish!

Michael Tubbs with a nice grass carp!

Jason Stanley and crew with a mess of fish!

Jason Cathey with a Guntersville drum

Brad Chambers with a 44 lb. Guntersville Buffalo

Danny Elswick with a nice grass carp

Brady Miller with a 41 lb monster carp

Anthony Golden with a 40 lb grassie!

Brady with a monster southern sting ray

Ryon Anderson's awesome bachelor party!

Chris Harrington and crew with a huge gator gar!

Mike Smith with some good 'uns!

Mike Smith with a huge carp!

Matt Kemper and wife with some nice grassies!

Shane Helm with a 17 lb. drum

Mike Smith drawn down for the shot

Jerrod Bibb with a nice AL gar

Tracy with a nice one!

Clarke with a WA carp!

Danielle with a nice Buffalo in Northen IL on the Rock River

Danielle with a nice Buffalo in Northen IL on the Rock River

Georgia Bowfishing Association Two Man Team of the Year

Harold Renfro and crew with some nice Trinity River Gator Gar

Cajun Classic winners and Backwater Pro Staffers Harold Speed, Allen Yedor Jr. and Josh Dunkle

Jason Evans with a big grass carp

Jason Evans with a LA Gator Gar

Lisa and Angie with a big catfish and gator gar!

Lisa with her first gator gar!

Josh and Allen with a gator gar!

Chad Price with a 47 lb. state record longnose gar!

Gus Congemi with an awesome Florida gator!

Brandon Renfro with some nice fish!

Briley Stepheson with some Alabama buffs and carp!

Jeremy and Jake with a melanistic longnose gar!

Mickey Jones with a nice grassie!

Sean Peters with a good gar!

Terry Stepheson with an Alabama grass carp!

Wade Everton with a huge Texas gator gar!

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