Backwater Bowfishing is proud to bring you Backwoods Gator Hunts.  Our gator hunts provide the experience of a lifetime for that hunter who is looking for the ultimate rush.  Click on the buttons below and read on for more info.



Our trophy and management alligator hunts are fully guided and offer a unique opportunity at a truly exciting alligator hunting adventure.  Our hunts take place in the backwaters and bays of northern Florida near Panama City.  Our affordable rates and unique hunting style make this hunt a one of a kind.  A typical (not ours) alligator hunt goes like this.  You ride around in an air boat, blow up on a gator, shoot it with your rifle or bow, bang stick it, pay $5000, and go home.  Our hunts are much more exciting than that.  We're strictly bowhuntingCompound, traditional, or crossbow.  We provide all the equipment or you provide your own (all alligator hunting supplies are available for purchase through the site).  Your hunt will be in an aluminum flat bottom boat, putting you closer to the action.  Gators are spotted as you cruise the sloughs and backwater.  You slowly stalk the gator in the boat with a small light or the gator is called in (and yes calling works).  Once you stalk close enough, you have to make the shot!  The gator will then spool your line from your slotted retriever reel with a float and the fight is on.  Once you track the gator down, you secure him with a harness and drag him into the boat, ALIVE.  This is where the real fun begins, not for the mild of heart.  We can provide live capture of your alligator if you choose.  Alligators are a dangerous animal and you must be prepared, this is truly a heart pounding experience and one you will never forget.  This is truly HUNTING, not just shooting an alligator!

Hunts are available from mid April through October, and possibly other dates depending on weather conditions; alligators in northern Florida do hibernate in the winter.  This is a very unique opportunity.  The typical Florida alligator season runs August through October.  This is a very limited season and interferes with deer season for most.  Our guide has licensed nuisance tags which allows them hunt alligators at any time, and very likely you will be hunting a "problem" gator which increases the excitement even more.  You may very well be saving somebody's pet, child, or animal by removing these gators.  Unlike outfitters in the southern half of the state , our guide Tate is responsible for an extremely large territory in northern Florida, providing the largest area of any outfitter to locate gators on.  Our hunts are also guaranteed opportunity, so we'll do what it takes to get your gator.  If you don't get an opportunity at an alligator, you get your money back minus your deposit.  Our guide boasts  a 100% success ratio.  Use our equipment or your own, you may purchase all necessary equipment in our alligator hunting supply section if you want to use your own. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! 

No trophy fees period!

A $500 deposit is required upon booking to guarantee your date, payable by check/money order to Backwater Bowfishing Supplies.  The rest of payment is due after the hunt. 

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