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Backwater Bowfishing teamed up with Backwoods Gators to bring you the most exciting hunt you'll ever go on!  Backwater Bowfishing provides a unique opportunity for Backwoods Gators to have more exposure through the web and through the extensive network of advertising for Backwater Bowfishing.  Backwater Bowfishing has also used Backwoods Gators extensively in the past and has a lot of first knowledge about the hunt and operations.  Backwoods gators provided Backwater Bowfishing with a one of a kind option for their customers and a unique opportunity that many bowfishermen and hunters alike would enjoy.  Backwater Bowfishing handles online booking and referrals for Backwoods Gators.  Backwoods Gators' guide Tate Morrell handles the hunts, transportation, and accommodations. 

Tate Morrell has been an avid outdoorsman since he was a child.  He has been a licensed nuisance trapper for many years and has trapped thousands of alligators.  He has operated a guiding service for alligators for many years and has had successful clients each and every year.  Tate is an experienced guide and provides a fun atmosphere for his clients.  Tate is also a member of Muzzy's alligator hunting advisory staff.  Tate and Backwoods Gators also have provided hunts to many outdoor TV shows, look for us on the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman's Channel, and other channels.  We also have several more TV shows for the upcoming year booked. 




We look forward to providing you with the hunt of a lifetime!

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